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The flying car in back to the future, pretty cool right. Flying Cars have become a very interesting, and unknown topic throughout transportation. Many companies have been building ad testing out flying cars to implement into the real world, but how do they actually work and function? In this article, I’m going to be talking about the main sections of VTOL technology: Air Taxis and Last mile delivery. I’ll be covering topics like Profitability, demand, and technology.

What is a VTOL?

Let’s start with the basics, what is a VTOL? VTOL stands for Vertical Takeoff and landing, which means they operate in similarity to…

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Traffic. We have all been through it. But while this daily occurrence may seem like an annoying obstacle to your next destination, this contributes to a global problem. Here’s our solution. As of 2018, 8 billion tons of Carbon dioxide were emitted from transportation, including planes, buses, and cars. 75% of all global emissions as of 2018 were emitted within cities, 90% of which are coastal, and two-thirds of all energy is used within cities globally. In 2016, San Francisco reported that 42% of its carbon emissions came from cars and congestion emissions. Not that bad, right? …

March 3rd, 12:00 PM — I’m surrounded by one of the greatest work and culture communities ever! Where people are actually happy to see each other and engage in fun activities. This community is so close-knit together, these people can talk about anything from mayo to the latest advancements in AI. And to actually see this engaging discussion in action, I was blown away. This opportunity was super awesome and I got to know a couple of people from the conference! We were talking about some of our main focuses in technology and some of the projects that we had…

The Output of my Model

For a self-driving car to work properly systems need to be able an integrate together. This crucial development allows a vehicle to achieve autonomy. I actually replicated this to develop a system that actually works together to determine if the car is centered or not. The vehicle can make certain corrections when needed to optimize the center control. …

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Autonomous Vehicles are becoming a really hot topic these days. From Tesla’s autopilot feature to Waymo’s self-driving taxis, but not these are not just on the road, they are reaching for the sky. these systems hold mass potential for our society. These systems include several advanced computers and highly advanced sensors that integrate Artificial intelligence.

Cameras (Self Driving Cars) Vision:

Single-cell analysis has a huge impact on our medical system. Through this method of identifying cells, we can screen for cancer much quicker and efficiently. We can look to identify strange nuclei in the bloodstream to pinpoint whether cancer is likely or unlikely and act upon preventing this disease.

With the rapidly growing AI tech field, I was able to create a CNN pipeline that can identify cell nucleases. This will allow for a more effective pre-diagnosis of cancer.

What is a CNN?

A CNN, known as a convolutional neural network, is a subset of deep learning. It’s one of the best image processing…

That up there is the number 5. Pretty easy for us to recognize, but for computers, they wouldn’t exactly be able to know what this number is by looking at this image.

I recently developed a Convolutional Neural Network which can identify numbers like these. Convolutional Neural Networks are some of the most intelligent image processing techniques out there. Why? Well, these techniques actually look for patterns in certain images. The knowledge of these patterns can actually be applied to figure out what new objects are.

Diving deeper into what is a CNN?

Take this smiley face

You’re taking an exit to merge onto a highway🚗. And BANG! You closed in on a car when the lane lines merged. Similar incidents happen to 200,000 people yearly in the US alone.

That’s really scary. 60 Miles per hour + Metal structure + Fuel + Certain 45 degree angle turn = Near death. There is a way to avoid these types of incidents, without taking out the flashlight and following the lane lines turn by turn🔦.

That’s where computer vision comes in. Computer Vision (CV) is an AI that gains understanding through videos and images and has the potential…

AI, it’s broad and deep. So many sub-tech concepts towards Artificial Intelligence itself. Neural networks, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, you name it. AI is becoming so much more prominent in our daily lives, Your recommended feed on Twitter, Google, and the autofill for this article. AI is not one thing, it’s multifaceted, There are so many methods and strategies that this technology uses to achieve; The primary summary of AI, making machines smart. This article is the basics of different types of Artificial Intelligence and its simple use cases.

Machine learning

Machine learning (ML) is one of the most commonly…

Brain-Computer Interfaces or (BCI)’s is the usage of sensory information and stimulation equipment used to non-invasively/invasively detect brain waves which can be interfaced with certain technologies currently.

There are two methods of doing it in terms of the Tech which consists of invasive and non-invasive methods.

Status Quo Methods of BCI’s

EEG (Electroencephalography) is the non-invasive step. So EEG is the process of Non invasively acquiring brain waves and data to compute towards BCI (Brain-computer interfaces)The opposing mechanism of noninvasive BCI’s also includes transmitters that feed signals into the brain, this opposite interface is known as The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation…

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